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Over the many years in business our machinery has evolved from standard machines used in metal processing to digitally controlled precision equipment. The highlight is the Peddinghaus drilling/flame-cutting unit, the latest of its kind. It enables us to complete large-scale projects on schedule and with the highest precision and quality. Here we use our assembly vehicles, such as the Manitou telescopic handler or the truck loading crane, which we also give out on rent. We look forward to your inquiries.



Peddinghaus drilling/flame-cutting unit

  • plates up to a size of 6,000 x 1,800 x 90 mm
  • flame cutting
  • plasma cutting
  • drilling
  • milling
  • sinking
  • thread cutter


The automated beam processing using CNC-controlled machines is carried out with the help of a state-of-the-art horizontal band saw and drilling rig, which can handle various tasks simultaneously using three axes. This enables fast and accurate order processing and ensures a high level of flexibility and fast turnaround times.

  • drilling
  • slotting
  • thread cutting
  • signing

PeddiWriter 1250   NEW!

The PeddiWriter does the work of an entire planning team and takes care of the tedious, physically demanding tasks involved in manually creating layout markings. Thanks to its dual torch system, the parts are gradually transported through the machine at a fast feed rate. The PeddiWriter’s plasma torches work faster than carbide systems and can mark two separate surfaces at the same time. 

  • type of marking: Plasma ArcWriting 
  • simultaneously marked surfaces: 2 
  • machine weight: 6,200 kg 
  • max. profile weight: 19,900 kg

Bracket processing system AFPS-643/Q  NEW!

The AFPS-643/Q bracket punching and shearing machine cuts round or oval rectangular holes or slotted holes, marks the parts and shears them to the desired length. It does so automatically, under CNC control, and in one pass with minimum scrap material. A common twelve-hole mounting bracket can be made in less than a minute.

  • bracket size: from 38 mm x 3 mm to 152 mm x 15 mm 
  • flat iron: from 50 mm x 6 mm to 152 mm x 15 mm 
  • max. hole size: 32 mm

MEBAeco 335 DGA-600  NEW!

State-of-the-art CNS-controlled double mitre band saw, in a compact design, with automatic material feed, for maximum cutting performance and quality.

  • double mitre band saw 30°-135° 
  • sawing process: CNC automated 
  • maximum cutting area: 500 x 335 mm 

Hydraulic CNC-press brake

  • pressing force
    2,200 KN
  • folds 3,600 mm
  • passage 3,150 mm
  • 2D graphic control
  • 3 axes
  • CNC-backgauge
  • laser protection

Hydraulic DNC table shears

  • cutting power 400 N/mm²
  • sheet thickness of 13mm for cut lengths of 3,050 mm possible without problem
  • laser protection

Yellow bender – SILVERLINE XL

  • the universal bender for all types of bending and rolling works

Peddinghaus punch

  • Peddimax No. 1
  • combined section shears with hole punch and notcher

EWM Phoenix 421 pulse forceArc welding units

  • These welding machines support all welding procedures and ensure highest economic efficiency.


Truck and truck with loading crane

  • MAN 7,5 t (left)
  • MAN 18 t (right)
    • crane arm with 22 m lifting height
    • with low-loader total admissible weight = 40 t

Telescopic handler
MRT 2540
Privilege Plus

  • lifting height 25 m
  • load capacity
    4,000 kg
  • attachments:
    • cable winch
    • work platform

Telescopic handler
MRT 2550
Privilege Plus

  • lifting height 25 m
  • load capacity
    5,000 kg
  • attachments:
    • cable winch
    • work platform

Self-propelled articulating boom lift
Genie Z-62/40

  • working height from 20.87 m
  • horizontal outreach with a maximum of 12.47 m
  • clearance of 8.13 m
  • a maximum lift capacity of 227 kg
  • 4-wheel drive for maximum off-road capability and maneuverability

Self-propelled articulated
boom lift Genie Z-45XC

  • 2 available in the fleet 
  • 15.9 m working height 
  • 7.55 m lateral reach 
  • 7.3 m overall height 
  • load capacity up to 300 kg  
  • four-wheel drive for maximum off-road capability and manoeuvrability 

Self-propelled scissor lift 

Genie GS-4069 RT

  • 2 available in the fleet 
  • maximum working height: 14.12 m 
  • load capacity: 363 kg 
  • maximum platform size: 3.96 x 1.60 m 
  • four-wheel drive for maximum off-road capability and manoeuvrability

With our machinery we can
realize your project too.

Sergej Gets

Workshop manager

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